5 Cheap And Easy Herb Garden Ideas

herb garden ideas

You could save yourself lots of money simply by having your very own DIY herb garden in your kitchen. Herbs are fairly easy to care for and do not need much room to grow in. The pots, seedlings and the soil are all fairly inexpensive as well. Plus, the subtle taste difference between freshly picked herbs versus dried ones is huge!

Different Herb Garden Ideas

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Before you get started, if you’re new to herb gardening, advise first on the different herb garden ideas that you could use for yourself. A few of the most popular are: indoor vegetable garden, window box herb garden ideas for apartment dwellers. All of them have their own unique benefits and pitfalls, so you may find a method that works perfectly for you. We’ll go over each one in detail below.

With indoor herb garden ideas, like those found above, it’s really all about how you use the pots. If you have pots with lids and a raised lip on the bottom, you can easily add interest to any flat surface. This can add interest to windowsills, end tables or even walls. To make this look more natural, go with a pale color such as ivory or light blue. These tend to be a bit cooler in the summer and a bit warmer in the winter, so add a touch of your color scheme’s mood.

Role Of Window Boxes And Hanging Baskets

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Window boxes and hanging baskets are both great ways to get some herbs in for a little while. With those containers, you can place smaller pots on the bottom to help them climb up. For a really unique look, place two of your pots on top of the other, then use rope or wire to hang the containers. This is a great way to have your herbs grow well inside the house, but Mother Nature keeps the sunlight off of your plants. Your herbs will thank you.

There are other herb garden ideas that involve using pots as planters. These work best if you have a nice flat surface to plant herbs on, since these are often larger than hanging baskets or window boxes. If you’re planting a single type of herb, such as parsley or dill, it’s best to use a pot so that you can see what you’re planting. Pots can also be painted to match other containers, so if you’re going with a bright color scheme, paint your pots to match. If you want to paint your pots, though, remember that you should only use water based paints so that your plants won’t get wiped out from the chemicals in the paint.

Other Uses Of Pots And Containers

Pots and containers don’t just have to be used for herbs. Many people plant mint and Rosemary in small containers, since these types of plants can live well in small spaces. If you don’t have any of these plants in your yard or patio, you can purchase Mediterranean pots at most gardening stores or online. They come in a variety of colors and styles, and they’re often decorated with olive leaves and Mediterranean herbs and spices.

Bottom Line

Finally, many gardeners have turned to a DIY hydroponic herb garden in their kitchen. For one thing, they don’t have to worry about the soil drying out or if the plant absorbs too much water. Also, you can create your own pest repellant bedding to help keep pesky insects away from your plants. Check out the link below for more detailed instructions.

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