5 Easy Small Front Garden Ideas

front garden ideas

Who says you have to wait for summer just to get some great front garden ideas? You can have them now and start planning for the fall. This is one of those seasons when you can really express your personal style with your landscaping. After all, your front yard represents who you are and where you live. Here are 15 top front garden ideas in just one place.

Layer Fresh Flowers Garden Idea

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One of the front garden ideas is to layer fresh flowers on a concrete flower bed. This makes a beautiful focal point for any home. You can also layer small plants on top of these flowers for a wild and wacky look. Hopefully, these flowers will encourage you to get creative with your color choices. Apply these colors to your concrete garden edging and see how many people soak their feet together when they walk by.

Another front garden ideas is to mix and match succulents with native plants. These two work well together because succulents can keep pests out while natives keep the soil nice and moist. Both types of plants are hardy and can survive even droughts. Another advantage to using succulents and native plants is that both need very little maintenance. Check with a local nursery or grow shop for information on which ones to use.

Of course, flowers are always a great addition to any front garden design, but do you have room? If not, then pots may be more practical front garden ideas for you. Look at some plant pots on sale and buy several pots in different sizes.

Flowers do add a touch of color to your front yard landscaping, but if you do not have any, look at evergreens. Evergreens are deciduous plants that shed their leaves every autumn and grow again the following year. Look for evergreen species that can tolerate shade or sun. You should be able to find many species of evergreen at your local garden center or nursery.

Window Boxes And Hanging Baskets

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Some plants that do well as a companion to greenery in your garden are window boxes and hanging baskets. Window boxes bring some greenery into your front yard while hanging baskets give you the perfect spot to prune your greenery and flowers. Plant a window box right next to a flower bed and it will provide much needed shade for the flowers in the bed.

Shrubs also make a great way to add color to your front yard landscaping. But, beware that many people mistakenly confuse shrub borders with shrub vines. Rbs do not vines and they do not have branches. However, you should still try to avoid using large evergreens next to small shrubs.

Help To Curb Appeal As Well

Adding low-maintenance plants and trees to your front garden will not only improve the appearance of your yard, but it will help to curb appeal as well. You may think that adding more plants to your yard will take much more work than it is worth. However, when you consider how easy a single plant can be maintained, the value of your yard does not begin to compare. Plus, your efforts will pay off with curb appeal and the added property value that will accrue over time. When you combine good landscape maintenance and low-maintenance shrub plants, you have a winning combination for beautiful, low maintenance front yards.

Summing Up

There are a plethora of small front garden ideas that can help you make beautiful small gardens. These ideas include flower gardening, herb gardening, fruit trees, even vegetable gardening. All of these plants have their own requirements, but they all offer a beautiful touch of color and texture to your landscape. Many people choose to plant flowers in pots, while others choose to plant herbs in large pots. Another popular idea for small front gardens is to plant small trees in pots. Not only do these trees provide shade and beauty, they can also help filter the air and add delightful aromas to your outdoor living space.

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