5 Sq Ft Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

garden ideas for small spaces

However, by starting early, you will ensure that your garden ideas for small spaces come together early as well. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy a new garden idea each season without having to wait until next spring.

From small wall gardens to vertical gardening, there are lots of garden ideas for small spaces, both inside and out. There are many DIY garden projects that require very little equipment or tools, and can be completed in just a few hours time. You can make small flower pots, vertical gardening beds, hanging planter gardens and other outdoor gardens. One popular idea for those with small spaces is to have a vertical garden, or ‘garden on wheels’. This is an innovative and useful garden idea for people who do not have a large yard space, but who still want to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers.

A Small Flower Garden

A tree in a forest

If you have a small flower garden, one of the easiest garden designs for small spaces is a tall planter filled with bright and colorful flowers. The best way to create a ‘garden on wheels’ is to use flowers that do well in containers such as pebbles or seeds. These types of plants will have a shorter growing period than those that grow best in a traditional garden. These plants will also grow closer to the ground, which means that they are less compacted. They will also be easier for you to maintain, as you can easily push the flower pots down to the ground each time you need to water them.

Another easy garden design idea for small spaces is a small vegetable garden. There are several plants that are very hearty plants and which can do well in a small space. Some of these plants include tomatoes, bell peppers, peas and squash. These plants are easy to keep healthy and full of flavor. When you grow your own vegetables in containers, it makes it more convenient because you don’t have to go to the store every week to buy new plants. This is a great benefit for busy people who don’t have a lot of extra time to garden.

A Garden Space Attractive

Flowers are another way to make a garden space attractive. Since most flowers prefer a warm climate, the most common flowers to use in a garden space are annuals. Annuals are available in a variety of colors and can be used in just about any location. You can get as creative as you want with your garden space by finding some ways to display your flowers. Some flowers like to be placed in pots on the side of a window or even inside a pot on a shelf.

If you have a limited amount of space, planters are a great way to utilize space. Most planters today are made from various materials like clay, fiberglass, plastic, metal and natural stone. Plants can be placed directly onto a planter. In addition to planters there are many other types of pots that can be used for small garden space. These pots can be made from plastic, ceramic, baskets, clay, stone and even porcelain. If you choose a material like natural stone or ceramic for your pots, you will be able to find a pot that will match your patio furniture or other home decor.

A Perennial Garden

Flowers can also be planted in biennials, which are small plants that bloom for one year and then drop off. You can take a plant that blooms every year and turn it into a perennial garden that you can take care of by yourself. 

Biennials are very easy to take care of and you will love the flowers each year as they grow. In addition to plants, there are many choices of decorative stones and statues that would add a nice touch to any garden. For a small gardening space, you can use an iron statue to look like a child or pet in the garden or a stone statue that is used to walk around the yard.


If you need more gardening space, you may want to consider using raised beds. This provides you with extra growing space, but it is not so large that you may not be able to see what’s going on under it. If your garden has not been turned into a bed, begin by getting some gravel and placing your seedlings in and spreading them out a bit. Once you are sure that your beds are set and ready to go you can place your seeds in and start growing! For a tight gardening budget, raised beds are an excellent choice and they can even be built into your existing patio or deck.

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