8 Easiest Garden Plant Ideas – A Starter’s Guide

garden plants ideas

Planning to cultivate a garden? There are a number of factors to consider first. It can be tricky for new and experienced gardeners alike. Here are some suggestions for garden plant ideas so that you’ll know what to expect when certain conditions happen in your garden.

Pick Plant For The Front Row

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Plants along the edge of a walk or lawn can make a difference in appearance. For instance, low growing plants should look good when in line because they enhance the shape of the bed and help draw attention to taller plants. Take note that the height of edging plants should be around 2 feet and beds that are up close should be lower than 2 feet.

Remember The Sunlight’s Impact On Color

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Color choice in the landscape is influenced by our geographic location and sun’s intensity. Start by putting some low-growing plants in the front row to accentuate the shape of the garden, soften edges and help highlight the taller plants behind.

Choose A Foliage Tapestry

Nature prefers to mix up various plant species when left unattended. If that’s the case, why not do the same and plant different foliage that like the same conditions altogether? For those who prefer a monolithic look, try having a combination of small-leaved and large-leaved foliage plants.

Flowers Sound

No matter how beautiful an outdoor space is, it won’t be fully captivating without the presence of pots and plants full of flowers. It’s definitely a delightful sight to see some pretty blossoms that emit a sweet-smelling fragrance. Flowers add symphony to every garden, which is something we all want to see.

Incorporate Scented Plants In A Landscape

Choose some plants that can be close to your house so that you can sniff the aroma. To begin, carefully place the plants on a sunny patio, to make the odors a little stronger. Alternatively, you can put some scented plants it in an enclosed space. Remember, a mood can be altered immediately by scent.

Thank The Pollinators

It’s good to look at a garden which contains pollinators like bees, butterflies, birds and hummingbirds endlessly pollinating the plants. However, pollinators have been declining due to habitat destruction, so make your garden a haven for these creatures. One way of attracting pollinators to your garden is by planting treats, flowers and shrubs.

Birds Gather

Plants produce fruit or seed from summer to fall when birds migrate. Fruits, like crabapple, dogwood, and elderberry, add beauty while it nourishes the birds. Search and explore more berry-bearing trees and shrubs by asking your local gardening shop.

Butterflies On The Side

It’s wholesome and fulfilling to see butterflies in your garden. It means that your efforts of creating your own garden are worth it. Flowers that are butterfly-magnets like lantana, dahlias, coneflowers, asters and ageratum especially perennial flowers. So, try to plant flowers and marvel at its beauty.

It is important to know some basic garden plant ideas in order to make your garden more welcoming and heartwarming. These are just some of the best garden ideas you can try doing in your garden right away. 

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