Basic Guide To Choose Indoor Garden Plants

indoor garden plants

If you are a lover of plants, and if you don’t have much space for planting outside, indoor plants are a great choice. There are such a large variety of plants that could be grown indoors. You can choose plants of your liking and start to grow them. Plants that need only a minimal amount of light and water, to grow well are considered in indoor gardening. Such plants are kept in containers or pots of different sizes according to how big the plant is. 

Why indoor plants? 

Garden Plants

Indoor plants may serve various purposes like improving your mood, reducing stress, enriching the environment with a good amount of oxygen, adding beauty to the interiors, and the list goes on. Growing herbs indoors may be useful in cooking dishes. 

Aglaonema, dracaena, ferns, palms, spathiphyllum, and succulents are found to be the most typical groups of plants that are grown indoors. 

Ornamental plants: 

Garden Plants

Ornamental plants are grown for decorative purposes. Let us look at some of the most beautiful plants to grow inside the houses. 

  • Jade plants – It is one of a kind and an attractive plant. Maintaining it also doesn’t take much effort. If watered the right amount and exposed to optimal sunlight it will grow perfectly well.
  • Bunny ear cactus – These are adorable and low-maintenance plants. Only thing is to be cautious while handling, as it might have small prickles on them.
  • Tillandsia – Also known as air plants, these require no direct watering. It could also be grown in hanging pots. 
  • Aloe vera – These are succulents that look beautiful. Aloe vera has many uses. Make sure to check the type of soil before planting it in a pot. 

Other unique and appealing ornamental plants might be:

  • ZZ plant
  • Oxalis
  • Donkey tail plant
  • String of pearls 
  • Anthurium
  • Money plants
  • Peace lily
  • Bamboo plants

Beneficial plants:

A lot of plants that are categorized as herbs can be grown, and also it might help cook or even be used for medicinal purposes. 

  • Chives – It has a slight onion flavor and it is used in salads.
  • Basil – It has a sweet and bit spicy flavor which could be great if added in soups.
  • Coriander – This might be an essential element in cooking, and its younger form is called cilantro. 
  • Mint – It has got a refreshing and sweet flavor. Its bulbs also are found to be edible. 

The above-mentioned plants, being given major attention, other such herbs found to be grown in indoor gardening are:

  • Dill 
  • Spinach
  • Lemongrass
  • Parsley
  • Indian borage

Final words:

When it comes to gardening, be it outdoor or indoor, it is our prime responsibility to take utmost care in growing it. Right from choosing the suitable soil type, watering plants regularly, using the right amounts of fertilizers, keeping the plants pest-free, and the plants must be grown with all love and attention.

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