Basics About Garden Fencing

garden fencing

Garden fencing can be used to create a variety of different spaces, from the formal to the naturalistic. Garden fences are also an excellent way to keep pets and children out of your garden. The fence will also act as protection for any plants that you may have grown in pots or containers. Garden fencing is ideal for gardens because it creates definition without blocking light. The following guide will show you how to build garden fencing so that you too can enjoy your new space!

DIY or Buy – Which one should you choose for your garden fencing?

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The choice between making your own garden fence, or buying a ready-made product is often based upon cost, convenience, and time issues. Sometimes, people decide to build their own fence because it’s more cost-effective than buying one pre-made – but this isn’t always the case. If you are working on a limited budget then it might be better to buy your fence – however, if there is no financial reason why you shouldn’t make it yourself then by all means go right ahead!

Garden fencing products and their costs

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There is no fixed list of fencing products you must have in order to make a fence! In fact, many people will tell you that this isn’t even an essential part of the process – after all, there are plenty of examples out there which prove otherwise. However, if you want to make sure your garden looks ‘normal’ then buying some pre-made panels is probably for the best. If your budget is unlimited though, don’t bother! Here’s some information on how much these kinds of fencing products often cost:

Why you don’t want to use a chain-link for your garden fence, even if it’s cheap

Chain link is one of the cheapest garden fencing materials out there – but this isn’t necessarily a positive point in its favor when it comes to building a garden fence. The main reason you shouldn’t use the stuff is that from an aesthetic point of view, it looks horrible when compared to more decorative alternatives! Beyond that, wire mesh fencing is rather easy to scale over – and in some cases can be climbed relatively easily by toddlers or young children. Unless your property borders onto a school playground then there’s really no need for this kind of product.

Final thoughts on building a garden fence

When comes right down to it, I don’t think there is any right or wrong answer to ‘what should I use for my garden fencing?’ because it all boils down to your personal preferences – but if you must have some advice then buy ready-made! This saves time, money and effort put into buying materials that may not be suitable (and might end up in the bin). Good luck!

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