Best Jerry Bakers Gardening Tips To Make A Safe And Beautiful Looking Garden

jerry bakers gardening tips

Jerry Baker is known as one of the most expert and famous gardeners in the world. Over the years he has contributed much by helping people all over the world with his exciting and highly useful tips and tricks on gardening. People have been asking him a lot of questions and he has always given the best response. A garden is a very important place in a house environment, and it needs to be protected and nurtured.

Use of Ammonia

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Ammonia is a great source of nitrogen that will help the plants to get enough nitrogen. Nitrogen in turn helps for the growth of the leaves. You can buy Ammonia from the grocery shop near you and use it on the plants. But, be careful not to use it right out on the plants. You need to dilute it, otherwise, it will cause the leaves to be burnt. And also don’t let any Ammonia get into your eyes as it can cause damage.

Antiseptic Mouthwash

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The antiseptic mouthwash does all the things that it does in your mouth. It destroys all the dangerous germs and makes the plants clean and fresh. Buy a plain flavored one and it will be enough to kill all the germs. There are many flavored ones out there in the market, and those are not needed as it will be costly. The plain flavored one will suffice for all your needs and is highly efficient.

Baby Shampoo And Dishwashing Liquid

The baby shampoo and the dishwashing liquid helps to make the soil soft and remove dust, dirt, and pollution in leaves. Thus it makes it easier for the process of photosynthesis to happen in the leaves. The bugs hate the taste of the liquid and get away from the plants. This is a great way to keep your plants free of germs and bugs and allow them to grow in freedom.

Try Using Beer

Beer helps to release the nutrients locked in the soil. It functions as an enzyme activator. The nutrients that are released from the soil make the plants grow healthier, stronger, and refreshed. Beer energizes the organic activities of the plants. You can use a domestic, foreign, used, or stale one in your garden. It works well with any option and you can enjoy the results it produces.


Jerry Bakers gardening tips are famous and well appreciated by people all over the world. The garden needs to be maintained from time to time for the effective growth of the plants. The bugs and the germs in the plants will destroy the health and the life of the plants and proper measures need to be taken to eradicate them. It is in this scenario that Jerry Bakers gardening tips are of much value.

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