Best Plants For Rock Garden

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Who doesn’t love to visit a garden to get that calm and peaceful feeling around the plants? Being in a rock garden feels even better since it features more nature-like views instead of plain land. 

What Is A Rock Garden

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As the name suggests, a rock garden is a garden that features rocks and plants for more nature-like views. The concept of the rock garden is believed to come from the East Asian nations China and Japan. If you’re planning to make your own rock garden, here are the best plants to have in your rock garden.

  1. Red Creeping Thyme

Plants that work as a ground cover are quite popular these days. Red Creeping Thyme is one such plant that hugs the ground and creates a ground cover. These types of plants really increase the amount of plant life in your garden and it creates a unified look in your garden.

  1. Hens And Chicks

This wonderful Succulent that is also known as Gold Nugget and botanically known as Sympathy Vans is an ideal garden plant as they do really well in well-drained soils. These plants are used quite extensively in rock gardens. This plant has a really wonderful-looking coloration.

  1. Cranesbill Geranium

This lavender purple-blue flower starts blooming in Northern California around April and May. you can keep it fuller until November before winter arrives. This plant really likes that situation where it got a lot of grass around, it helps it to get more moisture and nutrition. This plant looks great if you place it alongside some plants with pinkish-looking flowers.

  1. Blue Fescue Grass

This plant is often used as ornamental grass and it loves sunny places. Avoid planting it in heavy clay soil as it doesn’t do well when there’s an excessive amount of wetness around its root. This plant looks really attractive with its silvery-bluish leaves and airy flowers. Flowers grow in it between the middle to the end of the summer.

  1. Rock Garden Mugo Pine

Rock garden mugo pine is a dwarf shrub that is an extremely slow-growing plant that can sometimes take 10 years to grow to its full size and require minimal pruning. It grows really well in full sun and well-drained soil. But also known to be a drought-tolerant plant. 

  1. Lavender

If you wish to add fragrance to your garden, then Lavender’s amazing scent makes it a perfect choice for your garden. Lavender is a perfect choice for a rock garden because it can survive in pretty hot weather and poor soil. Lavender needs full sun and a little bit of dried soil.


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Having a variety of plants in your rock garden makes it look really beautiful. All of these plants belonging to different categories have their own special qualities. The combination of these can really make people notice the look, feel, and fragrance of your rock garden.

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