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Plant The Balcony:

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Creating your own balcony garden can be fun. But, it is difficult to decide where to start. you need to decide how to use your balcony space. You need to choose between a flower, garden, vegetable garden or living garden. Some are designed with home design and decor. By not spending a lot of money, you can create an amazing balcony for yourself. Here are some of the ideas mentioned below-

1. Bright Side: This type of balcony garden is bright and sunny. You can decorate the area with a colorful collection of play toys. Place citrus trees; they love the sun. This place will be perfect for growing fruits. Placing colorful spots here and there around the cafe table makes it look more beautiful and bright. You can also use a hanging light for a better view of the balcony at night.

2. Small-Park Look: You can style your balcony in a tiny yard and garden. Placing a

 the variety of plant pots in the area makes it more colorful and beautiful. You can showcase tiny herbs in small terracotta pots at the living of the balcony. Hanging the garden boxes makes it more spacious.

3. Culinary Look: This idea of decorating the garden is unique. You can grow a wide

variety of small plants in the garden. You can use chalkboard and wooden pallets for this culinary creation. You can plant edible plants for daily use.

4. Secret Garden: This is the best treatment for you. This reminisces of the Secret Victorian Garden along with a stone statue for the feel. You can also add stone pots for the perfect look and height. You can also add plants for pleasant smells like rosemary. A modern cafe table to make the best place to relax.

5. Hanging Garden: If you have a narrow space on your balcony and want a garden in it. You can try hanging a garden look. Use hanging pots and baskets to make it look perfect. Planters can also be used for small spaces. Attach planters in the balcony railing is an amazing idea. Some pots on the floor for a better look. A table and chair can also be placed in the area

for betterment.

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6. Italian Look: This look is inspired by an Italian window garden. This balcony is colorful, and makes a dramatic impact in a small area. Window boxes are hung outside the balcony for a better view. This design adds greenery to the floor. It is totally covered with beautiful flowers.

7. Wood Scrap: This wood-look balcony garden gives a vintage and rustic look. This design can be made with woods being placed on walls with pretty lights for a better view at night. The plants, light, and view give warmth to the area. This would look perfect for you.


Take cues from the above-mentioned ideas for that perfect balcony according to your home for a better view.

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