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container garden ideas

Want fun container gardening ideas? Then you’ve found the right article. In this article we are going to cover a few simple container gardening ideas for all skill levels, whether you are new to gardening or an experienced gardener. In this article, we cover the basics of container gardening and how to get started, along with some easy-to-follow container gardening tips and tricks that will help your container garden grow to be an awesome oasis in your own yard.

Planting Location Is Fairly Sheltered From The Elements

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The first step is: choosing the right pots and planters for your container garden. There is no need to overbuy, as you will probably have a few pots anyway, so why not reuse some of your plastic water pots? Also, look for pots that are heavy or solid, rather than fragile and hollow. Be sure to avoid unbreakable planters, as they are usually not very durable.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that your planting location is fairly sheltered from the elements, as bad weather can wreak havoc on even the simplest container garden. Look for areas that get good sun all year around. Some good planting locations are in the shade, along a brick wall, or even planting directly into a tree!

Use Container Garden Ideas That Are Mediterranean In Style

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Now that you have a good area for your garden and the plants you are going to use, it is time to choose a plan theme. Many gardeners like to use container garden ideas that are Mediterranean in style; using mixed flower pots that are filled with pebbles and rocks of different heights and textures. Other container gardeners go with the idea of a desert garden, creating beautiful container garden plantings of colorful succulents, cacti, and other hardy plants. And many people create beautiful plantings of evergreen herbs and flowers, using container garden plants of sizes from small plants that are fast growing and ornamental to large plants that are quite woody in appearance.

With your area pre-planned, you can then begin to choose your containers. Good options for container garden planting ideas are shallow containers, which are great for growing small annuals such as tomatoes, peppers, cherries and other fruits and vegetables, and even cucumbers. Shallow containers are also good for starting seedlings, as well as for containers that need to be kept dry between waterings. Your choice of shallow container garden pots will depend on the size of your planting area.

Using Petunia For Your Mixed Flower Pot Plants

One final thing to plan for in your container garden design is your plant list. When designing your plant list, keep in mind that the list must include ALL the plants you plan to plant! If you don’t, you may end up mowing too short or too long in some areas, and you could end up with a garden that is not as well managed as you would like it to be. Planting all your seeds in the spring and fall, for example, will give your container garden more variety and allow you some control in how much work your garden will require.

Once your plant list is finalized, you are ready to put in those special details. The first few things you will want to consider are choosing your container garden’s location, as well as choosing your flower pots. If you plant tomatoes in a container garden, for example, you might choose to place your tomato plants in a sun-filled spot and group them together by color, for a colorful and beautiful garden. Other container garden ideas, such as using petunia for your mixed flower pot plants, can be equally successful if placed in similar areas.

Summing Up

Sweet potato vine is another plant worth planting in your garden. This perennial flowering plant will grow to about 3 feet tall and can be planted in full sun or shaded areas. It prefers fertile, well-drained soil that is rich in nutrients. Plant your sweet potato vine early in the spring and keep it well watered as the plant grows. If you want to bring a little color and green to your area, plant sweet potato vines along the fence or driveway, but try not to crowd the area too much as they tend to grow rather tall.

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