Garden Gloves So You Can Garden All You Want

Do you often feel stressed out? That even after getting some time off from the hustle and bustle of work and even of home, you still find yourself tired. In most cases, more tired than before you gave yourself a break from hectic activities. Go gardening. Learn about stress and how you can handle it on your own. Simply put on those garden gloves and garden!

Garden All You Want With Garden Gloves

Garden Gloves: Gardening History

In its strict dictionary definition, gardening is the practice of cultivating and beautifying a garden. It can’t get any simpler than that. It all started when man learned that he can eat and survive by planting and eating that which he planted. We’re talking of the human beings, your and our ancestors, way down the line in our history.

Planting was (and is) among the basic necessities (and profession, at the time) known to man. Man toiled, cultivated the soil, planted seeds, tilled the land and watered it. All the while with the goal of feeding himself and his family. Forest Gardening, as you know it today.

However, the art of growing a garden and beautifying it came about at around 3,000 B.C.E. Spearheaded by the Mesopotamians, it became more than just “profession.” It was molded into a hobby the people of Mesopotamia saw fit to add culture and sophistication to their homes.

Although much has to be said who truly was the first of mankind to learn about gardening, it was in Mesopotamia that the art form was expanded so that it would later become one of the most fulfilling passion hobbies in the globe.

Stress And You

Garden All You Want With Garden Gloves

Because it’s good for you. Scientists have studied the benefits of gardening to you and me. It has been revealed that when you garden, your amygdala responds in a way that produces calm in your brain. The amygdala is responsible for the emotions you produce. And when your hands are working the green, it sends signals to your body to, well, calm down.

Additionally, your hypothalamus, which is responsible for releasing signals to your adrenal glands (in a more complicated process) and these in turn release cortisol. Cortisol is that hormone which prompts you to be alert of danger and surprises.

And that is actually how we respond. We are first afraid before we are stressed or become anxious. How? When you are faced with situations that are out of your control. Whichever occurrence that may be.

Whether it’s being given more tasks at work. Being tuck in traffic. Having difficulty balancing work and your personal life. Taking care of your family. These are external stresses that did not obviously originate from within yourself. And it is fear of not being able to handle them, not being able to hit your deadlines. Basically, having things not go your way. these are what lets your hypothalamus react in an aforementioned manner.

Now that you know the root of stress, that what brings it out is within you, read our next post to find out what to do about it.

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