Garden Pond Ideas For Your Yard

garden pond ideas

If you want to get some fresh new garden pond ideas then this article is for you. There are so many different ponds on the market, and they are becoming more expensive to maintain. You can keep your old pond but you will need to pay someone to come in and do it for you. I thought I could share a few garden pond ideas that will help you save money and enjoy your pond as much as possible.

Garden Pond Ideas And Facts

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First let’s talk about maintaining your garden pond. The first thing you want to do before you even think about laying stones or installing plants is clean out the pond of all leaves, dirt and debris. This will take time, and it is very important to be consistent. When you clean out your pond, don’t just use a hose. Get a pressure washer that is big enough to get the water under control. Do this daily and you will have no problems with the algae.

Now that your garden pond is clear from leaves and debris you need to start adding the aquatic life to your pond. Fish, preferably worms, are great additions to a pond. They will provide the food and shelter needed by the fish. Worms are the easiest fish to care for and will give you years of beautiful green water.

Another idea for improving the look of your garden pond is to add some plants. Most plants will add oxygen to the water as they grow. This will also clean up the water. Buy some floating plants that float on top of the water. They will help keep everything in balance and the fish will enjoy eating them. You may also choose to add some underwater plants, such as water hyacinth.

Maintaining The Garden Pond

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When it comes to fish, the most important thing to remember is never over crowd the area. If you put too many fish in one hole, they will all die. Also, do not add too many of them since their waste will wash into the water and cause a chemical imbalance in the water. You can buy fish that will not eat each other so this will help keep the population in check. The most important thing to remember when planning your fish stocking is that you should only stock three or four fish at a time.

Another garden pond ideas is to add some type of filter to the system. There are systems that you can add to the water which will trap unwanted creatures, debris, and chemicals in the water. The filtration system will remove these items from the water giving you beautiful clear water. This will improve the looks of your water and make it healthier.

Garden ponds are always a great addition to any home or garden. They provide a place for relaxing, playing, and simply enjoying your summer weather. You can create your own little world with your garden pond ideas. You may want to add some lily pads to the water so that algae will not grow on it. You can also place some floating plants and maybe an island to allow you to get more enjoyment out of your garden pond.

In The End

If you are looking for some garden pond ideas, then you need to find some professional landscapers. They will help you create the perfect water garden for you. You will want to think about all of the things that you will be doing with the water so they will know what types of plants and trees to plant and how big of the water garden should be. It is best to have a professional design your water garden since it can be quite a chore. You will also want to have a professional back rake in so that you can keep your water pond free from leaves and debris.

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