Gardening Tips for March – Everything You Need to Know

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March is National Gardening Month, so this year we will have some gardening tips for March. If you are new to gardening or have been working in the field but want to try something new, or you just love plants and the outdoors, March is the month for you. The National Gardening Association is hosting a national conference on March 7th from the Washington Hilton. Here are some gardening tips for March.


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Most people are familiar with bulbs like tulips and peas. They may also know about tomatoes, peppers and herbs. You can plant bulbs, but if you want you can even grow vegetables without them. Vegetables and fruits are low maintenance and the bulbs and vegetables need only water and fertilizer. Plus, you can use any variety of colors.

Most gardeners these days raise herb gardens, since they are easy to maintain and harvest. Most people choose annuals and perennials. But if you are looking for a change, try a perennial such as a tomato. Plant it in a shaded area with short, even growing heights. Keep it watered often during the hot months, and you will have tasty tomatoes all season.

Vegetables Gardening 

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Another thing you will want to learn about are the best vegetables to plant in your garden. There are so many different types that it can be difficult to decide. Planting herbs can be tricky, since you have to think of a way to place them in a small space without covering your plants with herbs. In addition, you have to consider where you want to place the herbs. You do not want them compacted close to your home; rather, you want them spread out and away from your home.

Most gardeners think that tomatoes are the best plants to grow in the spring. They are right, but they are not the only plants to grow best in this season. Some plants, such as beans, are also good to grow at this time of year. There is no reason to skip over these plants. Even though they do not have as much foliage as the tomatoes, they do a great job taking up just the right amount of space.

Best Tips

One tip that some gardeners give to their neighbors is to lay a sod over the soil when planting vegetables. This will help keep the roots of the vegetables nice and moist. It also will help keep the weeds at bay. Sodding the soil is a great idea, especially if you live in an area with a cold climate. Your vegetables will be kept nice and moist, which is absolutely necessary in cold weather.

You will also want to give your plants plenty of water as soon as you plant them. If you do not, your plants will become stressed, which can cause diseases such as yellow leaf disease. Remember that when planting, water the area that is receiving the most rainfall. You can add water as you are planting, but it will help the soil to become more fertile.

Another great tip to follow when planting is to make sure that your plants are receiving enough sunlight. The best times of the day for flowering plants in your garden are early morning and late evening. These are the times when the sun’s energy will be at its optimal level. The last gardening tips for March are simple and straightforward. Follow the instructions on the seed packets, and be patient. In the end, you will be rewarded with beautiful flowers and healthy plants.

Use Pots Or Planters

If you do not have any greenhouses or a garden, another gardening tip for the march is that you need to purchase some pots or planters to put your plants into. Greenhouses can be very expensive, so purchasing a nice pot is going to be the best way to save money. Garden pots are available in many different sizes, colors, and materials, so take some time shopping around before making your final decision. You will definitely be happy with your purchase once you get them home and start using your gardening tips for march.

One of the most important gardening tips for march is that you know how much sunlight your plants will get during the day. Some plants will need more light than others, and you will want to pay attention to this when selecting your plants. Also, you will want to select plants that can handle shade, rather than plants that need a lot of sun. Taking the time to find out about the amount of sunlight that different plants can tolerate is going to save you a lot of stress after the garden is built.


These are just a few of the gardening tips for march, but hopefully you can use these tips to create an amazing garden all year round. You will also want to take care of your plants, so follow these gardening tips for march to ensure that your plants stay healthy all year long. Once your garden looks wonderful, you won’t even remember that it was a long process!

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