Hand Gardening Tools That Will Help You Garden Better

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Everyone likes to do something productive in their free time. Gardening is the most common option that everyone chooses. It is very relaxing to fix your lawn or grow a plant or two. It passes your time and is also so good for your health. It is always refreshing to have plants around you. Whatever your purpose is, you need hand gardening tools. It is also important that we choose the right hand gardening tools so that you can grow or fix your garden easily. So before you decide to start gardening, first look for the right tools. Hand gardening tools make the job easier. So here is the list of basic hand gardening tools. 

List Of Tools

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  • Gloves
  • Hand trowel
  • Pruning shears
  • Garden Fork
  • Rake
  • Hoe
  • Watering Can

What Are Their Uses

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While gardening, you would want your hands to be clean. Also, these gloves prevent you from any injury you can undoubtedly get from thorns in the plant. They are perfect for gardening as:

  • They are not bulky
  • They have enough space for air to go in
  • They are water-resistant
  • They are long enough to protect your wrist and forearm

Hand Trowel

They are sharp-ended small tools that are meant for digging or moving the mud. They are best for removing weeds or moving a small plant from one pot to another. They are also very comfortable to use as they can easily get fitted in your hands.

Pruning Shears

They are a scissor-like tool that is used to cut hard branches. They are also called secateurs. They are used to cut unwanted growth of a plant. There are two types of pruning shears

Anvil-style, best to cut deadwood

Bypass, best for live plants 

Garden Fork

Garden forks are digging tools that look like a fork with a handle at the end to hold. It used to dig dense soil. They are also helpful in scooping mulch. 


When you have a garden, there will also be shredded leaves, hay, glasses, etc., which you don’t want. Rake is used as a broom but the only difference is, it is used outside. It has varieties of sizes and styles, different for different uses. 


There are varieties of roses that you can use in your garden, all with the same purpose, to cultivate the soil and to remove weeds. Different hoes are depending on your use:

Stirrup hoe

This type of hope has an attachment at the end that looks like on a saddle.

More Products

Collinear, or Onion, hoe

It has is long and thin at the end, which helps to take out the weeds in the narrow spacing.

Paddle, or draw, hoe

It is the most basic hope with a small rectangular at the end full stop. It is used to remove weeds by its roots or to shape soil.

Watering Can

One of the significant ingredients in growing a plant is water. So to water those lovely plants you need a watering can. There are two types of watering cans:

Plastic can, are light in weight but do not last long

Metal can, they are heavy and can last longer. 


Whether you have a large or small garden, you need tools to make your work easy and fun. It is also important to choose the perfect hand gardening tools that suit you and your garden.

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