How To Grow Garden Butterfly Garden Plants

butterfly garden plants

The first step in establishing a butterfly garden is to determine which plants will thrive in your garden. Many individuals choose one type of plant for their garden, but butterflies are attracted to many different kinds of plants, so it is a good idea to have more than one type of butterfly garden in your garden. Following these basic steps will help you decide which plants will work the best in your area:

Choose Your Plants

A colorful butterfly on a flower

When deciding which butterfly garden plants you will use, you should know what type of environment they will be found in. For example, you want to avoid flowers that are toxic to butterflies because they will kill them. Also, do not forget to consider where you will be using your garden because there are different types of flowers that will grow better in different areas.


A close up of a purple flower

If you are unfamiliar with butterflies then it is important that you research about them and what types of plants will be most beneficial to them. There are many books and websites that can help you understand the life cycles of these beautiful creatures. You should also be aware of what plants are most common in your area. You should also be sure to plant these plants in your garden so that you can attract a variety of colors and species. Having a variety of butterflies in your garden will be very beneficial.

Planting Choices – Once you have done the research, you are ready to plant your garden. It is a good idea to choose several types of plants that will compliment each other. Also, consider planting flowers that are pollinated by butterflies. Also, you should consider planting flowers that repel mosquitoes. Using plant mixtures that will suit the specific needs of the butterflies is a great way to ensure they get to feed on these insects as well as anyone else who may be outside your home.

Watering Tips

If you live in an area with a lot of rainfall, then you may want to consider using water-based paints for you garden. Also, if you do use water based paints, be sure to wash off these before you apply them to your garden. This will ensure that no harmful chemicals will be absorbed by your plants and that your butterflies will not be harmed. If you are concerned about the chemicals being absorbed into your garden, then simply use water-based paints. This will be safe for your butterflies and will not harm your plants.

Disease And Pest Control – If you do find that you have several types of diseases affecting your butterflies, you should try to eradicate them. One way to eradicate a disease is to isolate the affected plant and kill the affected butterfly garden plants. Many diseases are caused by fungi. Fungi will also eat the leaves of your plants, which means you will have to isolate them and kill them, or you could even use fungicidal soap, which is sold at most gardening stores.

Last Words

These are some basic tips on butterfly garden plants. If you follow them, then you should be able to grow your butterfly garden plants and you’ll be very pleased with them. Remember to water the plants well, especially during periods of drought. You should keep a sharp eye on the fungus, which can harm your plants. Also, you should try to avoid using any harmful chemicals on your butterfly garden plants. Hopefully this article has helped you get started with your butterfly garden.

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