How To Grow Seedlings In Winters


What would you say if I told you, that there is a way to grow seedlings during the winter? It’s true. All you need are some supplies and a little know-how. And of course, seeds. If done correctly, this method can be used for any plant that needs light to grow. This includes vegetables like tomatoes or peppers as well as flowers such as petunias or impatiens. Not only does it allow us to continue gardening in the winter months but it also means we get fresh food year-round!

The following article will teach you everything about how to grow seedlings in winters: what equipment is needed; which seedlings can be grown using this technique; when should one start growing them; how long does the whole process take; and much, much more.

The Supplies Needed

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The first thing you need for this project is the supplies themselves. They are easily attained at your local gardening store or Home Depot. Or if you would rather purchase online, Amazon has everything that you could possibly need (and then some). Here is a list of what you’ll need:

Grow lights

Strong hooks to hang the lights

Plastic grow containers with holes in them for ventilation

Timer Thermometer

Watering can


Other than these supplies, the only thing left to do is find a place to hang up your new light contraption so let’s get on with it!

Where To Hang Your Lights

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As I mentioned before, you will need strong hooks for this project. You can purchase special hanging hooks but a simple screw in a wall will do just fine. Once you have your hook installed, find a good spot for it and place your light there. I recommend against putting them directly on top of your plants because the heat from the lights may damage the seedlings. But don’t hang it too far away or else they’ll never get to grow properly.

Hanging The Lights

In this article, I will only cover fluorescent grow lights (not LED or incandescent) because they are by far the most efficient when growing plants indoors like this. Fluorescent lights work by turning electricity into light via an electric current passing through mercury vapor inside of the tube which causes it to produce ultraviolet light; this is what actually “Grows” the plants. Because of how they work, fluorescent lights need to be hung in a parallel fashion above your seedlings. In other words, if you were to look down on them from above it would look like a row of railroad tracks laid end to end.

As I mentioned earlier, there are special hooks available for hanging grow lights but a simple screw into the wall will do just fine as long as you use something sturdy enough to hold them up. Just make sure you hang the hook high enough so that no one bumps into it and knocks your light over or pulls it out by accident.


In conclusion, the best way to grow a seedling is indoors or with protection. This will help it survive during the winter and early spring months when there are fewer hours of sunlight available for growth. If you follow these steps, your plant should be able to thrive throughout all seasons!

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