Japanese Garden Plants – How Blissful Can These Garden Plants Be

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Japanese gardens are beautiful with all the beautiful plants, flowers, and garden decor that are used to enhance the natural view of the garden. Japanese traditional garden plants can be very relaxing and peaceful to have in the garden which remains evergreen and enchanting color palette. Below are some of the beautiful Japanese Garden Plants that one can have in-home gardens which are super easy to grow and are even affordable. 

Japanese Garden Plants – Azalea

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Azaleas are beautiful spring-blooming plants. These plants are required to be planted in a corner or a lonely area to increase their enchanting appearance. These can be grown on cool shaded parts in the gardens with big trees behind them to increase the overall look of the garden. Azaleas are small shrub-like flowering plants that have been history for gardeners in Japan. 

Japanese Garden Plants – Japanese Maples

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Maple trees are everyone’s favorite and are as beautiful as it sounds. Japanese maple leaves are smaller in size and can be grown in the backyard garden. These come with a variety in shape, size, and colors which makes it more beautiful and craving to have in the garden. The red Japanese maples are widely famous and look pretty good in a corner of the backyard garden. These trees need full sun with a little shady region to grow healthily. 

Japanese Garden Plants – Black Pines

Black pines are otherwise known as Japanese crowned or cloud pines which take its name from the shape it bears. The leaves are like a sharp piny structure forming into a ball-shaped looking crown or cloud. These are best grown under or near the azaleas to keep both the plants healthy. 

Japanese Garden Plants – Wisteria

Japanese wisteria is a flowering plant that needs to be pruned twice a year to get the best-scented flower view. Wisteria increases the peacefulness and calming atmosphere with its sweet-smelling flowers that are great for a refreshing leisure time walk in the garden. 

Japanese Garden Plants – Hakone Grass

These are beautiful grass plants in the list of Japanese Garden Plants that has an ornamental striped yellowish green colored look. This grows nearly two feet tall and requires both light and shady regions with moist soil. These grasses are great as a decorative plant to the garden which enriches the overall look of the garden. 

Japanese Garden Plants – Tree Peonies

Peonies are great shrubs that often get their best look in the springtime. With the great variety of tree peonies in the market, one might be confused. Hence, one must choose a color that matches the decor system of the garden. Normally pinkish peonies are common in home gardens which gives a sweet look. These plants do prefer sunlight but shaded regions too. 


Gardening is so much fun and gardens give peace of mind and calm down the soul. With these beautiful Japanese plants with gorgeous flowers, it will surely be a breathtaking glance to look at the garden. These plants may not require much care but still have their own needs that need to be fulfilled in order to get the best look of the plants. Happy gardening!

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