A Garden For Moms And Babies

lola plants a garden

Readers who enjoyed Lola in the Library, Lola Loves Stories, and Lola Reads by Leo are also in for a delightful garden treat. When Lola reads a story of gardening, she wants to plant some trees. She gets gardening books from the library and chooses her plants from them.

Then, Lola’s mom and dad purchase several garden seeds, plant the flowers, and plan the garden. The result is an astonishing garden that would rival any prize-winning garden. Lola devotes her summer vacations to her garden, working hard with the various elements of gardening such as soil, sun, water, insects, and rain to keep it looking its best.

Lola meets her neighbor, Flora, who has a butterfly house. Flora has two daughters, Cosmo and Flora. One day, Flora notices a butterfly laying eggs. Since butterflies lay eggs only at night, Lola’s mommy, thinking it may be baby butterflies, decides to investigate.

Butterfly House

A wooden bench sitting in the grass

As it turns out, Lola’s sister, Joann, has been coming to watch the butterfly house. One night, Flora tells Joann that Lola would like to have an egg-laying garden. Joann offers to help Lola with her gardening by getting books of garden poems, seeds, plants, etc. Since Lola is very shy and modest, Flora’s gesture gives her courage to pursue her dream.

Flora teaches Lola how to build a small garden with just seeds and tools. The book of garden poems helps Lola realize that she can have a beautiful garden even without the help of flowers. She can do all the work herself. She even buys a book about making flower arrangements, which gets her thinking about ways to arrange flowers for her garden.

Lola gets started with putting together some basic garden equipment such as hoes, spades, rakes, a wheelbarrow, pots, hangers, stakes, some grass, some soil, some fertilizer, a few herbs, a plant pot, and a plant umbrella. Her mother uses an old washing machine to dry leaves and flowers before adding them to her garden. 

Book On Gardening 

A vase filled with flowers sitting on a table

Flora’s mom tells Lola that if she wants a book on gardening then she should get the” Lady of the Land” by Louis L’Amour. Lola goes ahead and thanks Flora for the book, but she thinks that it is too technical. The next day, while cleaning up her spilled milk, she finds another book entitled “The Complete Manual of Garden Planting”.

This time, she gets inspired by the pictures in the book to get more creative. She starts making holes in the ground using pebbles of different colors. She adds plants using those holes and puts colorful flowers into the holes. Before long, she has created a very pretty garden. She talks about it with her friends and realizes that these books really help her learn.

These two gardening books are wonderful resources for any woman who is new or experienced in her garden. They help women see that they don’t need to have all the equipment and supplies of the “Big Green Burberry” garden when they can have an easy-to-grow garden of their own using simple tools. 

Better Plants 

They also help a woman understand that a garden does not have to be expensive either. It can be inexpensive to make if she just knows how. Now that she understands these concepts, it will be easier for her to get plants that look better than all the “expensive” ones in the store.

The most amazing thing about Lola’s “Big Green Burberry” book and website is that it is made for both kids and adults. The book explains how to use lola plants to create a beautiful flower garden and how to care for lola plants. It tells the story of a lola plant growing on a palm tree and how it ended up on a kid’s bike in the bike seat. Now that is inspiring.

If a woman is struggling to decide what plants to get for her garden, this book will help her decide. If mommy has trouble making a decision, the website will be a great source of inspiration. After reading this book, mommy will know what type of flowers to get for her garden and how to care for them.

Final Verdict 

Mommy and baby will love Lola’s new book and it will make a beautiful garden for them. The Big Green Burberry book will tell mom and baby, what type of plants they should get for their little garden and what to care for them. It is a wonderful, colorful book full of beautiful, colorful flowers and it is so informative. I highly recommend this book for any new gardeners and for anyone who wants to share the joys of motherhood. Everyone will enjoy this book.

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