May Gardening Tips You Should Learn To Start Preparing For The Month

may gardening tips

No matter where people live, May is a busy time in the garden. No matter what the gardening interest/obsession—vegetables, flowers, roses, shrubs, and trees—it’s time to do work with gloves on and dig in. It is already hot in May in many parts of the world. But this is prime time for gardening. So people should be ready with a to-do list so that whenever they get a chance, they can get their gardening work done. Spring is often a pitifully short season Some years, in some regions, parts of May are hot enough to feel like summer. Perform all necessary gardening tasks before it gets too hot to work outdoors comfortably.​

May Gardening Tips – Some Things To do

Start planting out summer bedding towards the end of the month

Check for the spring bulbs for the upcoming year. Once they’ve gone over, you have to keep the temptation to cut back the foliage. On the other hand, you can let it die and break down on its own and add liquid fertilizer all around the clumps. This will give an even better display next spring.

Remember to open greenhouse vents and doors on warm days. People can also damp down their greenhouse on hot days to increase humidity and deter red spider mites.

Optimize the watering regime watering early and late to get the most out of the water and start bringing and recycling water whenever possible.

May Gardening Tips – What To Plant

A close up of a flower

You can find some temperatures in the early may which means you will be tempted to improve the planting strategies. In that case, you can always check out some warm season plants that may not be damaged due to the warm temperature. You will also have to be safe considering there has been a change in climate periods because some warm season plants might not survive through a freezing season. If you are using vegetables and flowers that belong to the cold season like the broccoli, alyssum and so on, then early May would be a good option.

Likewise, you have to use Shrub Rose plants right after the holiday and it would be perfect if you choose to plant it in a good topsoil and make use of a better compost. These can also be used as gifts. You can always plant tomatoes, peppers and melons when you find the frost gone and the soil has to be warm. This would be perfect if you choose the last week of May. Just so you know, you have to plant the tomatoes in different spot every year to make sure there is no fungus related issues.


Having a house with a beautiful garden in front with beautiful flowers in it and with a lot of different birds coming and making beautiful sounds. So work in the garden and enjoy the sounds of beautiful birds and see different flowers with beautiful designs and colors.

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