Small Garden Ideas You Should Try Out When You Start

small garden ideas

Maintaining a small garden teaches you responsibility, greenery gives a soothing feeling whenever you look at them, you feel peaceful spending time sitting with greenery surrounded, with many different colors of flowers, their growth gives you a feeling that you are raising a life safely. You can have your garden according to your preference. Here are a few small garden ideas for both outdoor and indoor gardens.

Small Garden Ideas

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Shelves and hooks- these can not only be used inside but also can be used outside for placing pots and getting a bit creative, hammer planks and place the shelves on the planks, you can screw the hooks at the bottom of the shelves to hang pots or to decorate with bulbs either, you can arrange your favorite plant pots even hanging creepers to look more beautiful, this can be made outdoor where you sit with guests to pass your time.

Vertical Plantings- this is the best small garden idea which saves the space and is a bit maintenance low garden, for this vertical garden you need to place a stand which has its length vertically, with horizontal pole structure attached between the vertical frame, you can hand your pots to these vertical poles in series, you can use as many poles as you want on your interest, this makes the frame look filled with greens, this can be arranged indoor as well as outdoor.

Elevating Levels- As the vertical framing idea works well with fewer weight pots, this is the best solution to elevate them for heavyweight pots. In this idea, you make a level of shelves with wood just as ladder levels in a pyramid shape, place it with the wall as background, and arrange the plants with heavy pots on the shelves. You can even hang pot at the edges of each level of shelves. This is another space-saving small garden idea.

More Small Garden Ideas

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Window Buckets- This is a small garden idea if you work in the kitchen for hours and need refreshing air and feeling. These buckets have supporters by which you can hang the bucket at your window, and it’s completely your personalized mini garden set where you can have plants you wish.

Creeper Stand- This is the most useful stand which molds the creeper into your desired shape. This stand is just like a DIY art where you can stand for yourself just with stainless steel wire with a thick diameter. You can easily bend the wire and make a shape or any symbol, etc., and let a creeper climb on the wire. After a few days, the wire will be covered with the creeper, completely forming the shape with greens.

Tips To Make Small Garden

Choose your plants depending upon your ground plane.

Buy a standard vertical frame.

Choose plants with interesting colors and layer them according to contrasts so that one plant won’t merge into another. Differentiation of each plant is very important in small garden ideas.

Use shrubs to form boundaries of the garden instead of fencing or woods.

Think do you need a lawn, and have enough space to make it beautiful, according to space select plant or creepers or the buckets.

It is suggested to have a dripping water system connected to every plant, a simple and economically friendly way to water plants properly and without any overflow of water out of pots.

The main disadvantage in small garden ideas is the plants can’t survive if you out on a trip for too long.

On watering the plants, the ground surface gets spoiled by the accumulation of mud. You need to take care of this problem.


Having a small garden is having a handful of joy and happiness. Plants destress you, give you lots of oxygen, in turn protecting the ozone layer. You have to make up your mind to grow green and live green.

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