Top 5 Garden Plants For Your Vegetables Garden

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Most garden plants go well with vegetable gardens. It’s not only to add beauty to it. Some plants can help in driving away pests and attract pollinator insects instead. Imagine growing healthy leafy vegetables and colorful garden plants at the same time. It’s the perfect combination. If you want to start gardening today, here are five garden plants that will suit your vegetable garden!


A green plant in a forest

We highly recommend sunflowers for your vegetable gardens. Not only are they perfect to look at, but sunflowers are also known to produce nectars well, attracting pollinators will be simple. Sunflowers also help to remove toxins in contaminated soils, which can ensure your vegetables’ safety.

Aside from the plant benefits, sunflowers also look nice in whatever garden you have, fruit or vegetable. You can also pick some sunflowers especially when they are in season and place it in your home. If you have plenty, you can sell it or give it to your loved ones.


A close up of a flower

Like the sunflower, marigolds deter pests, below and above the soil. Marigolds are best for surrounding your vegetables since they make a great border. They are also known to be pest-free, so it will not be a problem for your garden.

Plus, marigolds are edible, their petals are safe to add to your salad. It will even encourage you to eat healthy vegetables while planting them in your garden.


Borage is a herb garden plant that suits every vegetable garden. It is also great in drawing in pollinating bees. Borage is very useful for tomatoes and squashes. This plant helps improve the nearby vegetable’s flavor. Also, borage’s flowers and leaves are both safe to eat.


Lavender is a garden plant that is undeniable pretty looking. But lavenders are beyond beauty, for they serve multiple benefits for your vegetable garden. They often attract pollinating butterflies, and they are a natural-insect repellant because of their fragrance. Lavenders also look good in gardens in general.

Lavenders are also edible, an excellent additional touch to every dish. Aside from putting it in your food, you can also get some of your lavenders and let them dry under the sun. use the dried lavenders to make your own essential oil or perfume. Lavenders are also known as sleep enhancers, so you can use the dried ones to put in your bed and pillows at night.


Nasturtium is a garden plant that is vibrant in colors, and they are surprisingly beneficial too. This plant is edible; its leaves, flowers, and seeds are flavorful. Nasturtium also repels pests, attracts pollinating insects, and can be used as a sacrificial plant to protect your vegetables.

Having a vegetable garden at home is beneficial, especially in having freshly picked vegetables in your everyday meal. However, vegetable gardens are all green in nature. It’s always lovely to bring garden plants to your vegetable garden, adding colors to it. You want a garden to look as healthy as it is and should appear pleasing to the eyes.

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